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Speclon Filters
PTFE Membrane Material


High sensitivity alpha-in-air spectroscopy is dependent on spectrum resolution. Because of the excellent surface deposition qualities of the PTFE membrane filter, the full-width half-max (FWHM) alpha peak resolution is significantly improved over glass fiber, cellulose or acetate filter media.  As a result of using the PTFE membrane filters in an alpha CAM, the minimum detectable concentration can be improved by as much as 30% and allow either faster alarm response times or reduced false alarms.


  • Reverse side clearly marked — “PUMP SIDE”

  • Greatly reduces background — from radon progeny for alpha spectroscopy

  • Available in stock diameters — 30mm, 33mm, 37mm, and 47mm

  • Low pressure drop for flow rates up to 4 CFM

  • Durable polyester backing will not tear or break

  • Conveniently packaged in boxes of 100 filters

  • Quick turnaround for custom diameters and pore sizes

General Features

Bladewerx Speclon PTFE-membrane filter media is recognized for its superior surface deposition characteristic, resulting in sharper energy resolution for alpha spectroscopy applications. Whether the application is continuous air monitoring, or personal/fixed air samplers with retrospective analysis, Speclon filters can provide a cost-effective alternative to glass fiber, cellulose, or acetate filters. In alpha air monitoring for plutonium or transuranics, improved energy resolution means reduced background from interfering radon decay peaks.  In many facilities, alpha air quality is determined retrospectively by gross counting after radon daughters have been decayed.  By switching to Speclon filters, samples can be counted immediately using alpha spectroscopy, without waiting for radon products to decay, thereby improving worker safety.

Stock Options and Part Numbers

Standard Fixed Filter disks are available in boxes of 100 each

BSP-FILT-50B037   37 mm diameter, 5.0 µm pore

BSP-FILT-50B047   47 mm diameter, 5.0 µm pore

BSP-FILT-15B030   30 mm diameter, 1.5 µm pore

BSP-FILT-15B033   33 mm diameter, 1.5 µm pore

BSP-FILT-15B037   37 mm diameter, 1.5 µm pore

BSP-FILT-15B047   47 mm diameter, 1.5 µm pore


Standard Moving Filter Rolls are available in 15 meter lengths

BSP-FILT-5R           35 mm X 15 meters, 5.0 µm pore


Custom Bladewerx Speclon filters can be made to meet any sampling rate, collection diameter, or roll length requirement.

Moving Filter Rolls

can be custom sized

to fit your apparatus

Need more details?
Take a look at the full Speclon Filter Spec Sheet.

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