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Our radiation detection instruments are among the smallest in the industry.  Using advanced software and firmware developed in-house, they feature accurate real-time measurement of alpha and beta contamination and airborne particulates.  Offering superior radon-background subtraction, all our CAMs and sample counters employ our state-of-the-art alpha peak shape fitting algorithm for superior sensitivity with the presence of radon daughters.  Our hand and foot monitors feature a radon-rejection threshold to exclude high-energy alpha events.

Bladewerx offers a series of stationary, portable and wearable instruments based on the SabreMCA™ 256-channel Multi-Channel Analyzer.  Our newest instruments, the EpeeCAM™ and SabreISC™ are based on the innovative EpeeMCA board and the versatile SabreMCA board, respectively.

Bladewerx gas- and air-proportional contamination monitors are based on the SDB Simple Detector Board and UDB USB-based Detector Board modular electronics.

See our instrument offerings below.



Portable Alpha CAM


Portable Beta(Alpha) CAM


Alpha(Beta) Sample Counter



Alpha Survey Meter

EpeeBZM & Epee CAM

Personal Alpha(Beta) CAM


Compact Hand and Foot Monitor


Programmable Pulse Generator

Speclon Filters

PTFE Membrane Material

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