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About Us

Bladewerx provides instrumentation products to the radiation protection and measurement industry. Specializing in portable alpha-in-air instrumentation and client software applications, the company has a reputation of providing cutting edge technology in both algorithm development and attractive but practical software user-interface design.

Meet the Team

David Baltz

David is the founding father and chief technologist of Bladewerx, bringing to the table over forty years of experience in software design and development.  He was a design engineer for Thermo Scientific (formerly Thermo Eberline) for 13 years before leaving to start his own company. He was the founder and president of Metalman Corporation, an innovator in the mechanical computer-aided-design market, which he ran for ten years. Before starting Bladewerx, Mr. Baltz served as a consultant to Thermo Scientific, spending three years developing the instrument and client software for the state-of-the-art Thermo Eberline Alpha-7 CAM.

David is not all computer genius…

He is also a talented hazardous-adventurer. For dB, living on the edge has meant years of enterprises in hang-gliding, cycling, CrossFit, 4×4 off-roading, and has been rock climbing for almost 50 years.

Don Hanna

Don is the fearless leader and CEO of Bladewerx, with more than forty years experience in design engineering, engineering management, general management, and rock’n’roll enthusiasm. For twelve years, prior to joining Bladewerx, Mr. Hanna was President of Thermo Eberline and two other Thermo Scientific subsidiaries. He was responsible for businesses ranging from a startup to an industry leader with products that include bioanalytical instrumentation, monitoring and detection systems, and industrial temperature control equipment.  Don’s education as an electrical and nuclear engineer (B.S./M.S.) coupled with his professional experience in organizations ranging from a few employees to hundreds of employees brings to Bladewerx a solid technological knowledge base in the radiation protection and measurement field, complemented by hands-on management and organizational experience.


Bill Brown

Bill adds over 35 years of electronics design experience to the product development arsenal of Bladewerx.  At home in both analog and digital design, Mr. Brown spent 9 years with Thermo Electron before taking over design and development at Santa Fe-based, Eco Sensors, a leading manufacturer of ozone monitoring sensors. He was the lead designer of the Bladewerx SabreMCA multi-channel analyzer board.  Mr. Brown has also made major contributions the design of the compact Hand and Foot Monitor simple detector boards as well as designing the EpeeMCA board-set that is housed in the ultra-compact EpeeCAM.


Quality Management System

Bladewerx is committed to serving its customers and meeting their needs and expectations in the design, manufacture and supply of reliable and innovative technologies and products for radiation detection using effective management and engineering processes.  We are dedicated to the continued improvement of our products and services to achieve complete customer satisfaction as well as to ensure compliance with the requirements of our Quality Management System Manual. Our program is modeled after NQA1.


Shieldwerx™ is a division of Bladewerx LLC


Shieldwerx provides state-of-the-art neutron and gamma shielding products, custom design and fabrication of shielding materials, and of neutron activation foils to the nuclear power and medicine industries, and to many of the world’s major accelerator research facilities.

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